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The game of International Court Soccer is played in a racquetball or squash court using a specifically designed ball. The game is traditionally played one-on-one, but can be enjoyed in a round-robin tournament style as well. The walls of the court make for infinite combinations of playing situations, that in turn give the player an equal amount of creative ways to play the ball. One may use this as a training aid to develop skills in traditional soccer, as a way to recuperate from injuries in a more controlled manner, or as a fun and demanding workout with friends or family. One can make ICS fun, friendly and recreational, or it can be very competitive and physically demanding. Thus, playing and enjoying a game of ICS is possible for a wide range of ages, physical conditions, and skill levels.


International Court Soccer had its start at the Metro YMCA in Portland, Oregon in 1986. John Birks and Ron Wagner began playing with a volleyball, which proved to be too lively. In December of 1986, the copyright to the rules of the game was granted to John Birks. The game then developed privately within a select group of players that helped refine and improve the game, and test equipment. The OLYMPIC ATHLETIC CLUB in Seattle, Washington was the site of the latest advancements in the game prior to its release to the general public.